Rediscover Christmas

29 Nov 2016
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What is Christmas even about?

Many of us grew up feeling the excitement around Christmas; there was just so much to look forward to with the presents, food and the time spent together as a family. Throw in a generous, fat man in a red suit and you have the recipe for some great childhood memories.

But what about today? There's still parts of it which we love, but Christmas can so easily be dissolved into obligations and traditions - neither of which get anywhere near to recapturing that same excitement we felt so many years ago. Somewhere along the line, Christmas became more about making sure the in-laws feel loved, balancing the finances to get the kids that gift they've been nagging on about all year or making sure all the boxes are ticked so that everyone has a good Christmas experience. Shopping centers are the major winners over a time of year when expressing our love for another person gets summed up by what gift you got them.

We at Westville Baptist Church would like to invite you to Rediscover Christmas with us. We've realized that our 6 year old selves were on to something by feeling overwhelmingly excited about what Christmas holds, and we want to get back to that. More than just getting excited about what we do around Christmas, we want to relook at what went down on the night Christ was born - we feel there's a lot there to get us as excited as kids again.

Speaking of children, we would love you to bring the whole family to our services. The entire service has been planned to appeal to both the youngest and the oldest. We have great facilities available for the really young ones, as well as a wheel-chair ramp and a limited amount of Assisted Listening packs. Our aim is to include everyone in what will be a joyous celebration.

Service Times:
Saturday, 24th of December: 16:30 & 18:30
Sunday, 25th of December: 07:00, 08:45 & 10:30

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