Our Beliefs

At Westville Baptist Church, we believe:

  • that the Bible as contained in the Old and New Testaments is the fully inspired word of God. It is God – breathed and is our authority for what we believe and our guide for living.
  • in one God who exists eternally in three persons, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
  • that God created mankind in His image. Because people sinned, death came into the world and as a result people are born mortal and with a sinful nature.
  • in the virgin birth of Jesus and in the fact that He is fully man and fully God.
  • that Jesus suffered and died as a substitute for us on the cross and incurred the penalty for our sin. As a result of His death and resurrection we are saved from the eternal consequences of sin if we believe and trust in Him.
  • that on the third day after His crucifixion Jesus rose physically from the dead. He ascended to Heaven where He represents those who follow Him and intercedes with the Father on their behalf.
  • that Jesus will physically return to the earth.
  • that in response to the actions and promptings of the Holy Spirit we can enter into a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ. The Holy Spirit lives within believers and works to change their character and behaviour to be more like Jesus.
  • that there is one true church which consists of all people who submit to Jesus and follow Him as Saviour and Lord.
  • that all believers have direct and equal access to God. This means all believers have the privileges and responsibilities of a priest.
  • that Jesus instituted two ordinances, baptism and communion. Baptism is a public witness by believers to their individual faith in Jesus, identifying with Him in His death and resurrection. Baptism is by full immersion in water. Communion is a sharing, by all believers in a symbolic meal that reminds us of both the death and the physical return of Jesus Christ. The bread and the wine are symbols of Christ’s body and blood.
  • that all people, both those alive and those who have died will appear before Jesus for judgement, based on their faith in Him. Those who have trusted and have followed Him will live with Him forever; those who have rejected Him will be separated from God forever.
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