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The mission statement of Westville Baptist Church is: ‘Because of Jesus the Christ, we journey together to find a living faith, to build a loving church and to reach a lost and hurting world.'

We don’t believe that’s something we just say, we honestly believe it’s why we live.

We have exist as a church because of Jesus the Christ and we believe that He has given us a mandate to go into the world that He’s created and that He’s put us in. We’re to go into that world to develop our faith, to grow as people and become more like Jesus. That faith affects the way we act everyday - it is a living faith. It’s dynamic and it should change us and the world we live in. We also want to equip people to do that - we do lots of things at our church, but we do them so people can grow spiritually. We have things like our Sunday Services, Kids’ Ministries and Youth; we run all sorts of courses in our church; our life groups - all of these things are designed to grow our faith.

We also believe that one of the things that Jesus the Christ told us to do is to build a loving church. We work very hard at creating times to be together as God’s people. We obviously do that every Sunday, every Friday for children and youth. We also believe that this should happen outside of us getting together in big groups. We encourage people to meet together in small groups; to develop friendships within the church; we encourage people to live their journey together.

The third part of our mission statement is reaching a lost and hurting world. We don’t think that our job is to be together for the sake of being together - we believe the church is to be together to empower each other to go out into a world broken by sin and that needs people to be salt and light. A lot of that equipping and togetherness is so that we can go out and reach a lost and hurting world. We have short term and international missions which we do; we encourage people as individuals to share their faith and to do good things to other people; we have an amazing organization called CAST which we use as an avenue to get into different communities around Durban and even further afield to provide the opportunity for people to connect with the lost and hurting world. We have missionaries and we support them and travel to them to visit so we can be actively involved in reaching a lost and hurting world.

Westville Baptist Church has been described as warm and wild and, moving forward, we're committed to achieving this vision while keeping that culture!

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