At Westville Baptist Church

We want you to find a place to be loved and connect with God. Some of our congregation members come in their Sunday best and some come straight from the beach, and everything in between - and we love that. We like to create a casual atmoshpere for our services so that anyone can feel at home. All are services are for everyone, but are particularly tailored in the following ways:

Morning Services

We consider doing church as a family to be a massive blessing for everyone involved, which is why our 08:00 and 10:00 services are bursting with the vibrancy that many young families bring. Your children are welcome at any age and we encourage the use of our excellent facilities - from the discreet baby chapel, to the crèche to our fun kid’s ministries. We also love our seniors and observing traditions with them - you can expect occasional hymns and congregational prayer in these services, which we believe adds to the diverse experience of church. We really hope our morning services are a blessing to you and your family, young and old!

Evening Services

While we want our services to reflect the variety that our church is filled with, our 17:30 service is intentionally tailored to 18 to 35 year olds. Expect the music to be a little louder, expect a relaxed and inviting atmosphere and expect us to take some risks to shake up stale ideas of what a church service looks and feels like. By having a fresh take on what church can be like, we hope that our evening service blesses you!

Caring For the Disabled

We’re on a journey to reach as many people as Jesus puts us in contact with. One of the things that we discovered God is doing is connecting us to people who suffer from physical and mental disabilities. We try to create an environment where they have easy access to things and can experience our services in the best way possible. We’re always keen to learn how we can better serve and be inclusive of everyone, so if you or a friend are disabled and have struggled with church, we'd love to get into contact with you. We’ve had an amazing experience learning from folk who are deaf and are living with cerebral palsy and it’s been a great experience both for them and for us. We really would like people who feel alienated from church perhaps because of physical disabilities to come and talk to us about being integrated. We have disabled parking available, a wheel-chair accessible ramp and disabled bathroom.

Our Services

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